The holidays draw near.
There’s a chill in the wind.
If you’d like to spread cheer,
here’s where to begin!

Last year, more than 200 people helped us launch a new tradition to spread good cheer across campus. Our Northwood community decorated the mall walk with lights, banners, tree ornaments, and even horse-drawn carriage rides.

Due to last year’s amazing reception, we want to make this year even more special. To do it right, we need your help.

I hope you’ll join us by making a special year-end contribution. In recognition of your gift, a personalized tree ornament (or light, banner, or even hot cocoa station) will be placed on campus. Your generous gift, when combined with others, will create a joyous holiday wonderland as students prepare for their final exams.

In addition to decorating campus, your gift will fund scholarships and areas of greatest need that make a Northwood education accessible to current and future students.

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Class Leaderboard

1 Class of 2022 (3.04%)
2 Class of 2019 (2.1%)
3 Class of 2020 (1.85%)
4 Class of 2021 (1.52%)
5 Class of 2015 (0.9%)
6 Class of 2016 (0.62%)
7 Class of 2014 (0.41%)
8 Class of 2017 (0.38%)
9 Class of 2018 (0.38%)
10 Class of 2011 (0.34%)

The class with the most donors (as a percent of the total class size) will be honored with a plaque on campus in the Founders Garden. This leaderboard is manually updated on a regular basis.


blue lightbulb illustration


Your name on a 2018 NU tree ornament hung on a tree in the Founders Garden during finals and sent to you 3-5 days after receipt of your gift

christmas tree illustration


Sponsor a star shower laser light display cast onto the trees lining the mall walk during finals & receive personalized ornament 3-5 days after receipt of your gift

book illustration


You will receive an ornament and a signed copy of a new children’s book written and illustrated by former Northwood professor Jeff Phillips (limited to first 200 eligible donors)


Strand of lights on lamp posts on mall walk and receive ornament and a children’s book by Jeff Phillips in 3-5 days after receipt of your gift


Your very own NU seasonal lamp post banner hung on the mall walk and receive personalized ornament and a children’s book by Jeff Phillips


Your name sponsoring horse and wagon rides along the mall walk & receive personalized ornament and a children’s book by Jeff Phillips

hot cocoa illustration


Hot cocoa & cider sponsor; receive ornament and a children’s book by Jeff Phillips

Any gifts we receive now will have their reward mailed to them within 3 to 5 days after receipt of their gift. Your payment in excess of $5 is tax deductible for the $25 giving level and the $50 giving level. For all remaining giving levels, your payment in excess of $20 is tax deductible.

Donor Impact

Quotes from Northwood University students
Northwood University clock lit by holiday lights
I was surprised and overjoyed to see campus looking so festive, walking down the mall walk and hearing Bing Crosby and Sinatra over the speakers while seeing all of the lights really made me thankful I chose to go to Northwood.
Students gather next to a horse-drawn carriage at Northwood University
I loved all of the decorations and activities this winter! It made the semester so much more enjoyable, especially toward the end with finals. The carriage rides and hot cocoa nights truly make campus more spirited. I loved hearing the music every day on campus.

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